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Danish Coffee Festival 2020 and New webpage

New Webpage

SCA Denmark are very happy to annonce our new webpage together with the date for the Danish Coffee Festival 2020 and the event video from the Danish Coffee Festival 2019.

The new webpage also completes the transition to English being the used language for SCA Denmark and the Danish Coffee Festival, thus recognizing the great diversity our reader has.

By changing our preferred language to English, we believe we will reach a greater number of coffee drinker, thus including instead of excluding.

A beautiful example is our American Graphical Designer Angela Stock who have been working tirelessly together with the Argentinian Design Company Noise, that is being lead by a Norwegian power house. They have together been working behind the scene to put together this webpage. A big thanks to Felt, Ida and Angela.

We are extremely proud of it, and hope you are as well.

Event video from the Danish Coffee Festival 2020

We are very proud to be releasing our event video form this years festival. We where very happy to see the great turnout and the curiosity shown by all visitors for the Danish Coffee Festival 2019.

The Danish Coffee Festival

We are very happy to annonce that the Danish Coffee Festival will be held at Marketenderiet for the third year in a row. Dates are 28, 29 of February and 1 of March.

As has been the case the last three years, three championships will be held:

Barista Championship, Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters Championship.

For the Danish Coffee Festival 2020, SCA Denmark are working to improve from last years succes with a record breaking number of coffee lovers visiting us at Marketenderiet. We hope we once again can bring together all the top coffee professionals, Roasters and equipments suppliers in Denmark and abroad. If you are a coffee professional, and want to enquire about a booth at DCF20, please email Christian at

Tickets to taste tons of coffee will be released in the new year. We highly recommend you buy the ticket well in advance if you want to ensure your spot at the Danish Coffee Festival 2020. Last year we came very close to shutting the doors, and we believe we this year will be even closer, if not have to close the doors at the venue, and close down the ticket sale.

Do you want to be the 2020 champion? Tickets to compete in the different championships will be released Wednesday the 4 of December at 12.00. The signup link will be released at this page, and will be open until 1 month before the different championships if nothing else is communicated.

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