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What is the

SCA Denmark?

The SCA Denmark is part of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), an organization that works to heighten the level of quality and knowledge, both with professional players in the coffee industry and private consumers. We serve as a platform for our members who count everything from private consumers to espresso machine producers, coffee shops, cafes, roasters, restaurants etc.

We have members in over 70 countries who all work for the same cause; Supporting the growth of Specialty coffee.

Danish Coffee Festival

The Danish Coffee Festival is a three day event where the most esteemed Danish specialty cafés, roasters, and exhibitioners display their products to more than 3000 guests. 


The Danish Coffee Festival is the primary annual coffee event in Denmark, entertaining more than 3000 guests, 30+ exhibitioners and 50+ competitors gathered to taste and explore coffee, and coffee related products and equipment. The Danish Coffee Festival attendees are made up of all ages, gender and nationalities traveling from far and wide to explore the festival.


Every year the Danish Coffee Festival hosts the Danish Coffee Championships consisting of the Danish Barista Championship, the Danish Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters Cup held by SCA Denmark. 

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Danish Coffee Festival video

Danish Coffee Fest

The Danish Coffee Fest is a one to three day event with a prioritized set of sponsors displaying their products to hundreds of the best baristas in Denmark.

The Danish Coffee Fest focuses on the core of the Danish coffee community, attracting most baristas and decisionmakers gathered in an informal setting for a day of competitions, fun and games in a casual setting.

Every year the Danish Coffee Fest hosts different fun sized events ranging from the Danish Coffee Roasting Championship to the Danish Batch Brew Championship. The competitions range from serious Danish Championships to informal fun-sized events.

Danish Coffee Fest video part 1

Danish Coffee Fest video part 2

The SCA Denmark's board is represented by the following coordinators:

Christian Juul Andersen.jpg

Christian Juul Andersen

National Coordinator


Marc Munk Simonsen



Simone Henriksen



Morten Lydal


Jonas Schou.jpg

Jonas Schou


Anders Lorenzen.jpg

Anders Lorentzen


Our vision is to create an effective, authentic and dynamic organization to give voice and substance to the possibilities for specialty coffee locally and to use our mission to Engage, inspire, and expand a sustainable local specialty community through shared values and core commitments.
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SCA Denmark

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