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Sourdough bun 30 kr

Arla Unika Efterglød cheese and Unika butter in a Flere Fugle sourdough bun

Sponsored by Arla Unika

Dish of the day 85 kr. only 12-19

Friday - Chili sin carne (Vegan)
Saturday - Butter chickpeas (Vegan)

Sunday - Pasta pomodoro (Vegan)

Banana CPH cake 15 kr. 

Banana cake (vegan & plant based)

Lemon cake (vegan & plant based)

Carrot cake (vegan & plant based)

Cookie (vegan & plant based)

Foam top - vanilla & banana (vegan & plant based)

Sponsored by Banana CPH

Croissant 30 kr.

From Flere Fugle


Lemonaid 25 kr.

Lemonaid lime

Lemonaid blood orange

ChariTea mate

Lemonaid passion fruit

Sponsored by Lemonaid

Water 15 kr.

Without gas

Mikkeller beer 35 kr.

Vision lager

Kaerlak hazy pale ale

Drinking in the sun (non-alcoholic)

Limbo series riesling (non-Alcoholic)

Sponsored by Mikkeller

Friday Happy Hours

Kl. 18-19: 30 kr.

Kl. 19-20: 25 kr.

Kl. 20-21: 20 kr.

Wine 60/250 kr. 

Tsitska Doremi 2021 (white)

Semplicemente Bianco 2021 (white)

Kilako 2021 (orange)

Tragolargo 2014 (red)

Aladastruri Nikoladzeebis 2021 (red) 

Glas 60 kr. / Bottle 250 kr. 
6 glasses pr. bottle

Saturday Tragolargo Special

Kl. 18-19: 225 kr.

Kl. 19-20: 200 kr.

Kl. 20-21: 175 kr.

Food and Beverage Sponsors


Lemonaid & ChariTea: Soft drinks and iced teas, just as they should be – from the best organic, Fairtrade ingredients, and donating to social development projects with every bottle sold.


Mikkeller is first and foremost beer. Showcasing all possible styles and ingredients, this is a universe whose endless possibilities include hops, malt, barrel aging, spontaneous fermentation, coffee, passion fruit, cherries, chilli, yuzu, chocolate and more.

Arla Unika

Arla Unika's products are developed in collaboration with passionate dairymen, experimental product developers, skilled chefs, baristas and innovative entrepreneurs. It is in this collaboration that we find inspiration and skills to develop innovative dairy products at the highest gastronomic level.


Together we get the ideas, make mistakes, get inspired and try again and again. Until we have created a Unique product.


SCA Denmark

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