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Danish Coffee Festival dates

All the coffee you can drink

Look forward to meeting exhibitioners from all the best cafes, roasters and equipment suppliers in Denmark at Marketenderiet. All of them will serve you all the coffee you can drink from some of the worlds best baristas once you redeem your ticket.

Opening hours

Friday 29th of April 2022 - 10-21*

Saturday 30th of April 2022 - 10-21*

Sunday 1th of May 2022 - 10-19*

Both Friday and Saturday you can expect the exhibitioners to close at 18, and you'll have the chance to meet likeminded in a casual setting.

Learn from the best!

During the Danish Coffee Festival, you will get the chance to learn from some of Denmarks best coffee minds, as well as being introduced to specialty coffee on your level.

The Danish Coffee Championships

During the festival, you can watch the top baristas in Denmark battle to become the champion in Cup Tasters, Barista and Brewers Cup Championships.




Tickets will be released in February

Leading up til the championship, the exhibitioners are annonced in this event and as posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Competition schedule*


World Championships

The Champions of every competition will be send to compete for the World Championships in Melbourne and Warsaw

Instagram hashtag

Please tag us on instagram using @Scadenmark

Official hashtags

SCA will during and after share pictures using those hashtags, so your picture could be shared.

*Opening times can change

*The competitions schedule can be found on when released

*Please note that pictures will be taken for commercial use during the festival. If you do not wish to be part of those pictures, please notify the photagrapher.

Please note, it is not allowed to take any pictures for commercial use without the written permission from Danish Coffee Festival, Christian Juul Andersen

Do you wish to buy more then 10 tickets, please email

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