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Are you the next Danish Champion

Are you the best coffee taster, espressoking or queen or Brewers champ? Then sign up for the championship, and get your ticket to compete among the best in Denmark to become the bes of the bestt!

Three different championships

We will have three different championships in the following: Cup Tasters, Brewers Cup and Barista Championship

The championships will be held at the Danish Coffee Festival 28, 29 of February and 1 of march.

Do you know anybody you think should compete, tag them at our post at our facebook page or instagram

Rules and conditions

Cup Tastes rules Competition terms

If all tickets are sold out, we highly recommend you to signup for the waitinglist.

There is a maximum tickets available, but the number can change.

The price of the tickets are 500kr. (+ fees) for all competitions.

you cannot sign up for a championship without a SCA Membership number. If you do not have one, you can signup as a barista member, or can ask your workplace to sign you up.

All information will be kept by SCA Denmark and Danish Coffee Festival until the championship is concluded. If there is a rule change, it will be informed in this new section. SCA Denmark and or Danish Coffee Festival can at any time without warning cancel a competition. All contestants will be informed with the provided contact information and the ticket price will be refunded.

At this time, there are still no sponsored grinder, this might change. The espressomachinesponsor will be announced asap.

All winner are obligated to participated at the respective world championship as a repræsentative of SCA Denmark and Danish Coffee Festival.

Maximum transportcosts

Barista: DKK 12500 ex. vat.

Brewers Cup: DKK 12.500 ex. vat.

Cup Tasters: DKK 5.000 ex. vat.

SCA Denmark is allowed to buy tickets and book a hotel for the winner. If the winner wishes to book a hotel themself, this must be approved by SCA and the champion must submit invoices after the purchase, SCA will then refund the amount to the already accepted maximum amount.

SCA will never pay for anyone other than the winner of the championship or anything else then flightiest and hotel accommodations.

Expected competition schedule*

Cup Tasters

Preliminary - Friday Semi-final og Final - Sunday

Brewers cup

Compulsary- Friday Open service - Saturday Final´ - Sunday


Preliminary - Saturday Final - Sunday


Tickets can be purchased by pressing this link:

We highly encourage you to sign up for the waiting list if your event is sold, as we might adjust the numbers at a later date.

Any waiting list purchase not converted to a participation ticket by SCA Denmark will be refunded.

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