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Danish Coffee Festival 2020

Sca Denmark would like to thank all sponsors, participants, spectators and volunteers at the Danish Coffee Festival.

This year we had more than 2500 guests visiting, sold out with 20+ exhibitors, 34 competing participants and baristas from all over the world.

We are planning the Danish Coffee Roasting Championship 2020, and are expecting to annonce the date in this week. We are likewise already looking forward to the Danish Coffee Festival 2021.

This year's winners can be seen here or in the latest collection of Danish champions throughout the year on this site. Should you have top 3 rankings from the year we are missing, we would love to hear from you at


1. Kian Hickman, Coffee Collective

2. Janis Podins, Coffee Collective

3. Christoffer Hoff, Coffee Collective

Cup Tasters Championship

1. Kristoffer Layton, Copenhagen Coffee Lab

2. Reza Anissi, Contra

3. Krista Alexanderdottir, Roast Coffee

Brewers Cup

1. Victor Kristensen, La Cabra

2. Joseph Fisher, April Coffee Roasters

3. Søren Stiller, Stillers Coffee


On behalf of the Board of Directors

Christian Juul Andersen

National Chairman

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