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World of Coffee Copenhagen

Participate in the Gentle Alley Cat and find all the tips from all you favourite coffee and food people for Copenhagen

 12-14th of March 2025

Gentle Alley Cat

Tour Copenhagens cafes and get a chance to win a fantastic prize

How to


Starting 24th of June and ending the first day of World of Coffee Copenhagen the 27th of June, SCA Denmark is organizing a Gentle Alley Cat tour around Copenhagen, where you as participant can travel by bike or public transport around the city of Copenhagen, visiting a number of cafés along routes mapped through all city regions.

At each café, participants are tasked with collecting information or tasting coffee. There's no fee involved nor are you required to pay for any coffee during the trip - but you are of course welcome to buy all the coffee you want.


Taking a selfie at a Oatly café with yourself and the Oatly carton, will result in one free glass of wine 

Additionally, you are required to take photos at certain coffee and non-coffee landmarks. 

The Prize!


Foreign residents will win a trip to Copenhagen for the Danish Coffee Festival 2025 with hotel, flight and ticket paid for for 2 people*

Danish residents will win a trip to WoC Europe for the World of Coffee2025 with hotel, flight and ticket paid for for 2 people*

One winner will be drawn Sunday the 29th of June 2025, and declared 30th of June via SCA Denmarks instagram account

*Maximum cost 20.000 DKr.

Obligatory visits

The Round Tower

  • Købmagergade 52A, 1150 København K

  • No need to climb the spiral path to the top, but if you aren't afraid of heights, it's a golden opportunity to see Copenhagen from the top. But all you have to do, is grab a picture with you and the Round Tower from the base.

The Sea

  • While other cities might claim the watery fame. Denmark is known for its coastline and not that sunny beaches. Copenhagen is filled with canels, and all you have to do, is grab a picture with you by the sea. We call it a seafie!

Rosforth and Rosforth

  • Knippelsbrogade 10, 1400 København

  • The natural wine hub of Scandinavia by the legendary Sune Rosforth. We highly recommend taking the picture Thursday 27th of June so you can join our Welcome to Copenhagen Party with Oatly and Koppi

  • Grab a free glass of wine Thursday from 16-21 by taking a picture of yourself and one of the Oatly stickers at a Oatly cafe. Find it by the toilet. Stop by the Oatly both to cash in your free glass of wine* 

The cafés


  • Spinchy 

  • Coffee Collective 

  • Aillio 

Inner city

  • Coffee Collective 

  • La Cabra 

  • Roast 


  • Andersen & Maillard 

  • Coffee Collective


  • Prolog Meatpacking

  • Coffee Collective


  • Roast 

  • Yellow Bird Coffee 


  • Prolog 

  • Kontra

The rules and terms

At least five cafes has to be visited, of those five no two cafes can be from the same district, and at least three different brands has to bi visited.
All obligatory landmarks has to be visited, and all picture tasks has to be completed and uploaded for you to get one ticket to win the prize. 

Visiting more cafes gives you a greater chance to win. 

The better your answers, the higher the chance of winning!

Only one free glass pr. person, there's a limit on the total number of free glasses, but its high because oatly is awesome and likes you!

Top 3 of Copenhagen

Find all recommendations from your favourite coffee and food personalities here


  • Yellow Bird Coffee


  • Restaurant ALF


  • Rosforth & Rosforth

What's more?

SCA Denmark and the Danish Coffee Festival are involved in the following, and we want you to join!

Welcome to Copenhagen
Party 27th June

All good things starts off with a banger of a party, and who's better at it then coffee people?! 

Join us at Rosforth and Rosforth for a party at the best and most famous natural wine importer in the world located by the sea, and the local watering hole for natural wine drinkers. 

Thursday during World of Coffee, we'll add the SCA Denmark resident DJ, fire up the grill and sell delicious food. Thats not all, at 8pm we'll indulge in our chairmans favourite thing in the world, when open and serve a 12L bottle of wine - YES, it's really 12L, and at 8pm it will all be poured for free! 

The details

Date: 27th June
Time: 4pm - 21.30pm
Knippelsbrogade 10, 1400 København

Admission: Free for all

La Marzocco out of the box Event 28th June

Join SCA Denmark and the Danish Coffee Festival, when we join the legendary italian brand La Marzocco event and Party. 

During the event, there's loads of events in the event mixed with fun and games. 

Here you'll also be able to lounge to the tunes of the Danish Coffee Festival resident DJ sunm. when he's spinning the records. 

The details

Date: 28th June
Time: 2pm - 23.59pm
Prags Boulevard 49b 2300 Copenhagen

Admission: Free tickets

It's a secret still

Join SCA Denmark and the Danish Coffee Festival, when we join the legendary italian 

The details

Date: 29th June
Time: 10pm - 1.3am
Adress: .....

Admission: Free

Make sure to purchase your ticket for the Danish Coffee Festival
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